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When the first lockdown occurred I thought it wasn’t going to be that bad but I started to lose friends and my grandad died but I he was to far to travel for the funeral so I became depressed and almost at the end of giving up my life. But, the email that saved me was a congratulations to being offered a place to UOB to study my dream course. it gave me reassurance that I will be okay and that I need to put my trust in God. Fast forward to this current lockdown, it hasn’t been easy especially feeling stressed and alone at home but this year I gained people to support me even when I am feeling at my worse and I know how to get back up when I’ve fallen down. I’ve just found out about this website and wanted to share that even at your lowest point in life you will feel alone but seek help even if it’s just for company; it’s better to be with someone then to feel and be alone X



Both myself and my wife have had our first shot, and we feel so much better for it, both emotionly and mentally.

We were both worried whether we would get it or not, before as there was a high spike where we lived not long ago.


It's been a long hard journey for everyone and I'm glad to say that infection rates are now dropping in many countries.


Healthcare Worker

I am concerned to notice rising intolerance & prejudice during this difficult time of pandemic. There is increase racism, numerous complaints ( true & falsified) by hospital staff ( clinical & non-clinical) against black & Asian clinicians. London publication headline “ THERE ARE 2 PANDEMICS HAPPENING IN UK - COVID & RACISM”. There is little support for people subjected to domestic abuse during lockdown. To reduce the impact of the pandemic, what we need is the opposite ie unity, tolerance & kindness. A lot of doctors are actively planning to retire early or returning to India & East Europe.


we need to oppose all kinds of prejudices eg sexism, racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, nazism Etc. We need more awareness of Unconscious/ Implicit bias.


we can rebuild a prosperous future in a short period if we work together using the plethora of innovation developing so fast.


kind regards


a UK Medical doctor



Hi there,

It's a crappy situation this. And to be honest, I'm not sure how to adequately talk about it all. Everyone has experienced something or is going through something different. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Covid will be gone tomorrow, or that everything will be back to normal by next week, because I don't know that it will. Nobody knows that.

But I do know, that no matter how hard it gets, if you've lost someone, lost your job, your friends or your family... you will always have yourself.

It's hard sometimes, but remember that you are worthy of care and support and love, from yourself and others. That you are here today is amazing, and I' m grateful that you are. I know its stressful, and full of a lot of sadness, I'm going through that myself. But it will get better. Focus on the little things that make you happy, and remember that its not forever. You are loved, and it will get better.


Whatever you are going through, I am sorry.

You are not alone in this xx



When the oldest person in Europe at the ripe old age of 117 years, survives Corona virus, the sign of optimism is present.



I’m 16 and starting to get concerned about my thoughts. Depression has taken over me since The beginning of lockdown and I don’t know how to get out. But I know that somehow, some day it will get better. I just wish that day could come sooner. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone.



I am feeling tired. I started fighting covid in March 2020. I won, but it cost me my hands and feet. I am grateful to be alive but getting tired of fighting for what i need to enjoy my new life. good upper body prosthetics are expensive.I am grateful for all who are supporting me. I am enjoying my new life. I would like to be able to sleep.





I think anxiety has been a massive challenge for many of us through these difficult times. I have always had it but it has now been excacerbated by COVID-19. I'm anxious about money, lost contact with friends, my health and my families. COVID-19 has led to rising mental health issues and I know I am one of those statistics... one of those struggling. I don't want to burden others with my concerns when everyone is already concerned about their own issues during the pandemic. So I have come here to let it all out... try and release some of this anxiety built up in side of me.


On a good note though... I see hope. The vaccine. There is hope.


Please all take care of yourselves and stay safe. All the best.


- Anon



Better days are to come. Lockdown has been so emotionally exhausting but I hope anybody reading this knows there is hope and there are better times in the future. The vaccine is such a positive amongst these sad times and hopefully will lead us out of this pandemic and back to the old 'normal'




Hello ,

Take Care of yourself

I love you



You Can do it


Happy Life , Aventure and see beautiful Sky today and another Day.


Don't forget your dream -L



Lockdown has been such a challenge for me and I'm sure many others. However, when the days get long and I feel down... I try to remember that I am lucky. I have my good health and the privilege of being able to STAY AT HOME. Something, which are key workers are unable to do.


So I want this letter to be a thank you. Thank you to everyone staying at home and doing their bit. Thank you to every single key worker and every member of frontline staff. Your hard-work is appreciated by many. I hope better times are to come, I'm sure we will see the daylight in this year long dark night soon.


Essential Worker

Thank you to the lovely lady who's letter is below, you do a great job at CSO, your genorosity is always appreciated......Respect.



In a time when many are dealing with anxiety and fear over a new disease with no cure available, comfort can come in the form of spiritual wellness. Spiritual health is a domain of Total Force Fitness that focuses on beliefs and practices. The goal is to build connectedness through hope, meaning, and purpose. Spiritual caregivers me included help people nurture that connectedness. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical proximity is limited, I and others are getting creative with how we offer spiritual support.


There’s so much from our spiritual traditions that assume an in-person connection. To suddenly be in an environment where the way we operate has changed so radically and realize that the way to care for patients is actually to maintain a distance is a real shift in how we deliver care.

As spiritual caregivers, we are tasked to find creative ways to nurture.

We are hopeful that in the absence of physical touch there can be a different, transcendental touching of the spirit instead.

This is a really good time to look outside of oneself to see how that fear can be overcome. There's a lot of wisdom from a lot of different spiritual traditions that I think one can find in a time like this.


We can all help one another to reach that consequential state of mind and soul by simply asking what it is that gives you meaning and purpose in life, and encouraging each other to do just that.



Pastor (Cmdr.), Former Navy chaplain - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

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